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soulmelts collection wax melt bundle

soulmelts collection wax melt bundle

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bring home all five scents in the soulmelts collection with this wax melt bundle.

here with me

golden daffodil petals & fragrant apple buds

a scent for sam and frodo. golden daffodils in the spring breeze mix with the fragrance of apple buds and their sweet autumn fruit.

plant your trees

frosted snowdrops & sun-warmed black raspberries

 a scent for thorin and bilbo. frosty winter snowdrops pair gently with juicy black raspberries, ripe for picking on a summer's day in the shire.

sun yet shines

 sun-kissed lilies & midnight blackberries

a scent for éowyn and faramir. white lilies basking in the sunlight unite with sweet blackberries, foraged under the moon's glow.

side by side

earthy green matcha & sweet tobacco leaf

a scent for legolas and gimli. vibrant and earthy matcha tea blends with sweet pipe tobacco and the hint of fire embers.

like my heart

sweet violet flowers & royal fern leaves

a scent for arwen and aragorn. delicate violet flowers on the forest floor mingle with musky fern leaves and a hint of jasmine.


these wax melt come in recyclable clamshells featuring heart shaped sections. each the wax melt is decorated with natural botanicals or gems that represent the two halves of each pairing. the labels are printed on hemp paper for more of a natural vibe. 

100% soy wax // hand-poured

weight // each wax melt is roughly 1.75 oz or 50 grams


100% soy wax


Care information

break off one or two sections at a time to melt. place in whatever type of wax melter (tea light or bulb) you prefer.

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