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step inside the world of middle-earth

everything here is meant to transport you to a modern version of middle-earth. you can celebrate the holidays, enroll in a university, and meet contemporary versions of the characters you know so well.

celebrate aragorn's birthday month

with this candle that captures his life's journey from estel all the way to king elessar.

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arda aesthetics apparel

step into the world of arda and middle-earth with hand-crafted apparel and... 

processing time

as a note: ready to ship items and pre-order items will not ship together. their processing times are vastly different plus they have to be packaged in such different ways that i can't combine shipping. you would pay the same cost for shipping whether you buy the items separate or together.

current processing time for regular items is roughly 3-10 business days. processing time for pre-orders is 3-4 weeks ideally but in some cases may be 5-6 weeks. thank you for being patient!