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child of the kindly west clear sticker

child of the kindly west clear sticker

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this hobbit sized sticker of sting is the perfect way to honor to our favorite adventuring hobbit, bilbo. this is the clear version of the sticker, which means the back of it is transparent.

to me, bilbo has always been a child of the spring and summer, born on the cusp of autumn. for this reason the three plants i included in my illustration represent those three seasons: violets for spring, thyme for summer, and golden rod for autumn. diving even further into the symbolism and personal journey of the child of the kindly west—who was courage and wisdom, blended in measure…

the white violet symbolizes innocence
the purple violets symbolize loyalty
the golden rod symbolizes growth
the thyme symbolizes courage
and the honey bee symbolizes wisdom.

the sticker is approximately 1.2 x 3 inches and perfect for decorating any water bottle, laptop or phone case.



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